October 2015 PORTUGAL

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And finally the project is running here and quite well! The Project was presented to the school, to the Pedagogical main organs and also to the community by a local radio station school program interview. Also de City Hall department of education has knownledge of its approval and development.The local Erasmus+ Team who has already enrolled in the activities seems to be quite interested and comitted in the activities. By the way, there is a teacher in the team who would like to build a e-platform with his professional ITC students in order that our students from the 6 countries could teach/learn the basics of our 6 languages. Of course all of we will have to cooperate. Tell me if you are interested. The first presentations done so far will be ready by the end of January.

Also in October, there was a conference aimed to the 9th grade students about the Erasmus projects. It was organized by the English teachers and the focus was on the importance of the mobilities through Europe and through the world. People can learn more, people cand create ties for ever, people can easily change ideas. The school invited the Erasmus Social Network from the local university – Universidade da Beira Intererior – at Covilhã (15 kms north of Fundão) which an organization that supports the foreign students who come to the University. Our students were quite interested in all the testimonials.

About the mobility to Romania

Romania, sweet Romania, it was my fouth time on you and I’m sure this won’t be the last! Thanks Principesa Margareta school for hosting us once again.