Rejowiec, Poland

2nd to 8th October 2016


Rejowiec, POLAND


2nd to 8th October 2016




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The week we spent in Poland was wonderful! Thank you, Marek! Thank you, Polish team!


Sunday, 2nd October 2016: Arriving in Poland – Sightseeing in Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a beautiful city which stands on the Vistula river. The historic city-center, the Old Town, is full of colors, shops, squares and many architectural attractions, like the Royal Castle. During World War II, Warsaw was razed to the ground by Nazi. However, Polish people have reconstructed their town from scratch. The paintings of Canaletto, which we can see in the castle collection, provided invaluable help in the restoration of Warsaw.

Warsaw combines the “old” with the “new”; the socialist-realist architecture with elements of capitalism. Here we see the Palace of Culture and Science. This building was built  as a “gift” from Stalin.


Monday, 3rd October 2016: Welcome assembly at Rejowiec – Horse riding

The Polish school welcomed all the partner schools and prepared a beautiful presentation and a song for each country.

Polish students played music and sang for each of the six countries!

In the afternoon we visited a farm, where we saw animals, we rode a horse, we ate sausages and potatoes, we milked a goat and we played games.


Tuesday, 4th October 2016: Students’ presentantions at school – Visiting Zamość

In the morning students presented their works about the “National Day” of their country.

In the afternoon we visited Zamość, a beautiful Renaissance town. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. However, we saw interesting buildings in the Old Town, like the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the fortress.


Wednesday, 5th October 2016: Excursion – Sightseeing in Warsaw

This cold and rainy day the Erasmus team visited Warsaw, where a guide informed us about the history of the town. We walked in the Old Town, we saw characteristic monuments, like the Mermaid Statue, and we visited the Royal Castle, where we watched a movie about the history of the building and the Old Town generally.


Thursday, 6th October 2016: Working session at school – Visiting Majdanek and Lublin

This day the Erasmus team spent the morning at school. The students took part in lessons and the teachers had an interesting conversation about the Erasmus program. There were some decisions taken in the teachers’ meeting.

In the afternoon we visited the region of  Lublin. First of all we had a guided tour at Majdanek, a concetration camp that was in operation during the World War II, from October 1941 to July 1944. There was a history workshop.


Friday, 7th October 2016: Visiting an Early Medieval Slavic town – Teachers’ training at school

This day was full of fun. We visited an Early Medieval Slavic town, where students and teachers enjoyed a variety of actions, games, sports and dances.

In the afternoon, back at school, teachers attended Marek’s training course on designing a digital classroom.


Saturday, 8th October 2016: A last walk in Chelm – Leaving Poland

In the morning Greek team had the opportunity to walk in Chelm and visit the chalk mines of the town.



Rejowiec, Poland 2nd to 8th October 2016