CASSINO - ITALY 17 -23.04.2016

SCHEDULE OF PROJECT MEETING 'We can do it together'


Cassino, ITALY


17st to 23rd April 2016




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The students were hosted by respectful and responsible families that contributed to the positive athmosphere among all participants.
It was a precious experience for both students and teachers.


The Erasmus+ meeting in Cassino was a very productive one. The aims of the project were completely achieved.


During the five days spent together in school, the pupils presented their projects and took part in joint lessons of computers / science / English language.

One of the most interesting activities the students had together was writing about their volunteering experience and also about their experience together in Cassino using Ditapages, a digital program that allowed them to edit their writing using photos or the Internet. This activity helped the students increase their digital competencies, their knowledge of English and also their social abilities because they had to work in teams.

The course held in Italy for teachers focused on how to teach Latin, Ancient Greek and modern languages using modern tools and methods. It was extremely useful and interesting, even if the teachers who attended it had different specialties: foreign languages, philosophy, technology or science.


Things discussed and agreed upon in Cassino:
The dates for the mobility in Poland are final: 2nd – 8th October 2016. Tickets should be booked for Warsaw airport.
For the meeting in Poland students have to prepare the projects about the National Day and the story behind it. As customary, projects will be uploaded on Twinspace prior to the meeting.
No decision about the dates of the next mobilities was taken because we don’t have the school calendar for next year. The dates for Slovenia and Portugal will be decided in Poland (Slovenia in March 2017, Portugal in May 2017)
The web-site of the project is under construction, most probably under the domain
The students created very interesting projects in Cassino; however, the Romanian team collected the original projects and Romania is going to print a version of the booklet (the final product of the first year) for each country and bring it to Poland.
It was decided that Italy will write about the mobility in Portugal on Twinspace and Greece about the mobility in Poland.
Romania will host an International Symposium on 4th June and as many teachers as possible who take part in the project’s team are invited to contribute to it. Details will be sent via e-mail soon.
On Friday 22nd April students who took part in the short-term exchange in Cassino wrote about their volunteer experience. Zorica has already collected and sent via e-mail most of the projects and they can be used next year.


Italy, 17th - 23rd, APRIL 2016