ATHENS - GREECE 21 -27.02.2016

SCHEDULE OF PROJECT MEETING 'We can do it together'


Athens, GREECE


21st to 27th February 2016


2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens



Our students could learn and practise a lot during a mathematical probabilities class held on the Museum of Mathematics, Arts and Science that has been conducted under a dynamic, creative, active and participatory methodology.

This same strategy was applied in some sessions teachers attended in the school: teachers’ trainings about “Adaptive Learning Environments” and on “Methods and Tools in Teaching Science”. This last one was conducted by Anastasia Mylona and her Physics teacher colleague.

This is a picture of the Greek school wall where all partner students wrote what they liked. It will be in our minds for a long time, as well as this places we visited and that we won’t easily forget.


These are some views of our Greek partner school, the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens. (2ου Πειραματικου Γενικου Λυκειου Αθηνων)


During the first day, the students presented themselves the work done regarding the most popular sport in their countries and the presentations about a famous living personality. We’ve learn a lot from all the partner countries. All partner students were also engaged in the Greek colleagues classes. They shared a lot about their schools and the Greek school.

ll of us had the opportunity of visiting the ancient theater of Epidauros (Ἐπίδαυρος). The theater is admired for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken words from the proscenium to all 14,000 spectators, regardless of their seating.

We also visited the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus. Later, we went to visit the town of Nafplio (Ναύπλιο), the first capital city of Greece after the Greek independence back in 1821. Really a picturesque place with a wonderful sightseeing.

One of the highest cultural moments was the visit to the Athens Acropolis in an unforgettable guided tour. We appreciated also the new Acropolis Museum.


In this mobility, all the coordinators and representatives from the partner countries decided some points that are stated here.
Dates for the Italy mobility were confirmed: from 17th to 23rd April.
Dates for Poland mobility were set: from 2nd to 8th October.
For the Polish meeting we will have to present the work done by our students regarding the essays about the National Day and the story behind it, as well as their experiences as volunteers.
We decided that when we are asked to present the work done by the students during the mobilities, it should only be presented the global work done by each school/country and not individual work projects as this takes too much time to present. The individual works should be in the e-twinning space and kept by the local teams.

We, finally, decided that the blog in the E-twinning space should be updated on a regular basis and filled by every school every month according to a calendar.
Also, we decided that in each visit someone should write an appealing sum up of the main things that have happened during the mobility and register it in the e-twinning space.


Greece, 21st to 27th February 2016