October 2015 SLOVENIA

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1. we have developed a lot of voluntary activities according to Peer learning method and we took some photos
2. we have introduced the project to the pupils and teachers
3. there is link to Erasmus+ on our web site
4. we developed an erasmus corner
5. we intorduced the project to non-govermental organisation in our area where they deal with the students with learning difficulties ; the laeder of the Center is the teacher of Greek language and before going to mobilities she will organise a short course on basic Greek words and Greek culture
6. students made oral presentations at English and Slovene lessons about partner countries
7. we will give an interview about the activities on the local radio next week
8. I had to write a mid report for National agency (activities already done, in the next 3 months, and the spent budget
9. students have written the New year’s cards to participating countries