Final Products

six European schools cooperating within Erasmus+ project

1st Year Booklet

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Intellectual Output

2015-2017 (pdf) 98 pages

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2nd Year Booklet

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2nd Year Booklet Romaia

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We are six European schools cooperating within Erasmus+ project

The aim of the project is to enable pupils from partner schools to help colleagues from their own schools that are either at risk of school failure or have special educational needs to improve their grades and personal development.

Groups of talented students with good grades (who are participating in this Erasmus+ project) together with their teachers will identify a number of pupils that need help in order to improve their grades and pass National evaluation.

If in one class there is one student who needs help, his or her colleagues will help with homework, give advice, stay together in class at different lessons and work together in different projects. Each student that needs help will spend additional hours of after-school help. The mixed groups of students (having good and bad marks) will make some projects on various themes in form of a Power Point presentation, CDs with video or audio recordings, etc

Final Products:



To improve the pupils’ sense of initiative, entrepreneurship and knowledge of foreign languages;
To show final products done in class by students;
To learn cultural aspects from other countries;



We are planning to use Twinspace as an ICT resource, communication tool among teachers, students, and a possibility to publish our activities and final products (free-to-use) for our Erasmus+ project.



We are going to use eTwinning platform and Twinspace to publish all activities and final results in our Eramus+ program. We want that they will be available in public mode as free-to-use resources for other European schools.